About Us

The Beginnings

Tarquin’s Animal & Bird Sanctuary was born from the desire to help injured animals and birds, to help them recuperate and enjoy the rest of the of their lives in peace and tranquillity.

Ever since I was a young girl, I dreamed of working with animals. Whilst living abroad, I lived on a farm, which took me down a path of hand-rearing various animals ranging from the tiny, to large. I always planned on becoming a vet when I returned to the UK, but life never goes as you anticipate.

After a few years of running my own shop, I suffered the double-whammy of the covid pandemic and a serious flood in my shop, causing me to lose it all. It was then that I decided to change the direction of my life and re-purpose my shop into a pet store.

Very quickly I ended up taking in injured, orphaned or abandoned wildlife that my customers brought in, not knowing what to do. I could not say no. Eventually, I was spending more time rescuing and helping animals working in the shop. It was time for another change in direction.

Meet Tarquin

Tarquin is my “baby”. He’s a beautiful, 2 year old Raven. I never thought I would get the chance raise one of these gorgeous birds until a chance encounter changed it all.

I was introduced to someone who rescued ravens, and had rescued his namesake, his Grandfather, Tarquin who reportedly had lived until he was 88 years old.

The sanctuary is named in their honour.

The Sanctuary

Whilst I have been taking in helpless animals, local children would visit my store regularly to look at the animals and I found that I was interacting with the children, answering their questions, and allowing them to hold and stroke the animals more and more frequently.

I then decided to allocate an hour or so each week so the children could meet the animals and learn about their upkeep. To my surprise, the parents were eager to learn too.

It was soon after that I realised I had outgrown my store, which I have now closed to concentrate solely on the sanctuary. We are currently building a new sanctuary in Edlington, South Yorkshire.