Our Residents

Below you will find a selection of our residents. All of our residents, either temporary or permanent are well kept in their own enclosures (where possible) with a veterinarian on call 24 hours a day.


This is Celeste, our rescued Kestrel with an injured wing.

We were called out to assist in her rescue. She is now happy and recuperating in her aviary and will be released back into the wild after her rehabilitation.


This group of little crazy fellas are mallard ducklings, We were called out to Huddersfield by a lady with concerns as the mum nested in her garden and 8 chicks were born.

Unfortunately, some of the chicks did not survive. We brought the 5 surviving chicks to the sanctuary and they are now growing quickly and are nearly ready for release back into the wild.


These are some of our very own flock, we get lots of pigeons brought in, either as abandoned babies, injured, or exhausted.

We rehabilitate, treat and release, with an excellent survival rate.  Once released, they hang about free in the sanctuary. No idea why they don’t want to leave .

Why not help our residents with a donation

Your donation will help us care for and rehabilitate other animals and birds desperate for help


Are you looking to give a bunny their forever home? We have a number of rabbits ready to be adopted*. Why not pop over to see them?

*All adoptions are subject to a short questionnaire and a small donation to the sanctuary.


We were called out on a rescue mission when a caring grandson decided to cut back grannies brambles, he uncovered the nest, mum blackbird didn’t come back, so they came to us, we successfully hand reared them and released them in our sanctuary garden.


Bubo was rescued by a wildlife photographer friend of Tarquin’s in Suffolk. Initially, he was taken to a sanctuary closer to there, however the sanctuary was not able to to take him in, we then stepped in to help. 

He is now enjoying his forever home with his new friend Mona.


Mona had been living in a sanctuary in Suffolk (the same one as Bubo) for over 10 years. They were no longer in a position to care for her needs, so we took both Bubo and Mona at the same time.